Humbucker Pickup Winding Kit

Humbucker Pickup Winding Kit

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Everything you need to wind and Build a Humbucker Pickup. Sold Individually.

  • Nickel Silver Baseplate
  • 1 Screw and 1 Slug Coil Bobbins in Black
  • 1 set each of 6 adjustable pole pieces and slugs
  • Keeper Bar
  • Plastic Spacer
  • 4 Conductor Pre-Stripped Hookup Wire
  • Mounting Screws and Springs
  • Pre-Charged Alnico 5 Bar Magnet

Available in 50mm or 53mm string spacing 

**Note: 50mm Spacing can be used for neck or bridge on most non tremolo guitars. For tremolo or wider spacing guitars, use 53mm for bridge spacing.**